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S.I.G MemberShip

On behalf of the Saudi Immunohaematology Group (SIG) and Saudi Society of Transfusion Medicine (SSTM) board members, I would like to welcome all visitors to this website. The group is constructed to be an official scientific league for all technologists, scientists, medical doctors and all other healthcare workers who have interest in immunohaematology and transfusion medicine. The group members are entitled to many benefits offers by the group; such as accessing the scientific material for all the scientific events organized by the group, publications, accessing an international scientific journals, holding a membership card allowing member to register for any scientific events organized by the group at discounted rates. Regular notification in form of emails and SMS massages on the group`s regular meetings and other scientific events and many other benefits. Member has the right to vote for the board member and become one of the board member (We are in the Process to have all of this happening in the near future). On behalf of the board members, I would also like to extend this invitation to all colleagues to share their thoughts and suggestions in how we might improve the group approaches in order to build up a good blood banking and transfusion practices in Saudi Arabia. Please use the Discussion league to seek any technical/clinical/ administrative issue associated with immunohaematology and/or blood transfusion practice

Your Faithfully
SIG Board Members