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To establish a network of specialists and professionals in the field to contribute to the development of transfusion services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



To become the main reference point for all Blood Centers and Transfusion services around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



1- To cooperate with national and international parties to aid in the establishment of national guidelines of the transfusion services.
2-To establish a link through local reference immunohaematology laboratory with an international parties to support national transfusion service.
3-To evaluate and standardise techniques and method for testing and interpretation.
4-To take part and develop research programs in the area of transfusion medicine.
5-To provide the most sensitive and reliable techniques to support the blood transfusion services.
6-To make the best use of locally available resources and technologies for screening and diagnosing of immunoheamatologcial disorders.
7- To expand the scope of services and make them available on board for clinical use. 8- To assess in the process of creating national statistics and registries.